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About Us

iHLS Startup Accelerator

iHLS Accelerator is the first startup accelerator in the world in the security and homeland security field. The accelerator puts a major emphasis on the advancement of technological projects and their empowerment through a development and maturation process that would make them leading companies.

The accelerator is sponsored by the leading defense industries in Israel and in the world.

iHLS Security Accelerator removes the entrance barriers to the defense industries, the military and the police. We offer the startups aiming at this market a one-time opportunity for market penetration and exposure to the most influential elements in the field: Global and Israeli defense industries, military security and police organizations, integrators, investors, etc.

The accelerator focuses on startups with technologies from various fields relating to security, as long as they present technological innovation and security orientation, especially dual-purpose technologies.

Among the fields:

HLS, big data, IoT, unmanned systems, robotics, cyber, border security and defense, strategic installations security, deep learning, nanotechnology, electro-optics, civilian security, aerodynamics, video analytics, image processing, face recognition, aerial defense, safe/smart city, AR/VA, training and simulation, etc.

The Accelerator is managed by Tal Catran, one of the pioneers of the Israeli accelerator realm, with vast experience in guiding and accompanying entrepreneurs and startups, and an international speaker on entrepreneurship and innovation.
The accelerator is sponsored by IAI, Elbit Systems, Incubit – Elbit Systems’ Incubator, Raytheon, Verint, PwC, APM Law Firm, and Cyient..

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